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Written By: Petra Simons


We have only been offering this sail for one year and already it has proved to be a bestseller.

The construction of this brand-new sheet is based on the “Code Zero” type of sails and comes equipped with furler, so a snuffer is not required as it can be rolled back in similar style as the jib is.

This special sail enables you to sail not only on the tailwind, but also on the crosswind and even slightly against the wind. It comes in two sizes for M460 and M420 and is ordered extra, as an accessory.

The area of the Rolling sail GENNA is:

  • M420 …… 7.9 m2 – Retail Price excluding VAT: € 1,295.00
  • M460 …… 9.9 m2 – Retail Price excluding VAT: € 1,350.00

We have now discontinued the Gennaker and Snuffer for both 420 and 460 model and we will continue only to offer this new rolling sail.

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