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Have you been put off small boat sailing by the hassle of storage and slippage fees? Is there no space in your yard for a boat?

Here’s the solution for you! Yes, there’s a small boat that can give you huge fun, adventures, and satisfaction, yet it requires the bare minimum storage. The most significant advantage of MiniCat is that this small sailboat can be packed away and stored in your garage, closet, or even under your bed. No trailer and no hassle. A completely portable yet high-quality sailboat.

After a fun sailing day, simply pack your MiniCat in the bag and store it safely inside your garage, house, or apartment. Next weekend, you take it out again. This is instant and affordable sailing.

With MiniCat, you’ll have zero fees for boat storage, slippage, or mooring, and no worries that someone will steal it. Owning this sailing boat is pure joy with no stress or extra costs.


Fits in one bag of 167x31x30 cm and 31,80 kg


Fits in one bag of 163x31x38 cm and 36,50 kg


Fits in two bags of 177x31x30 cm each and 28,4 kg and 30,50 kg


Fits in 3 bags, two of 177x31x30 cm each and 28,4 kg and 30,50 kg and one of 100x31x30 cm and 17,50 kg
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