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Warranty Registration

This page is for new MiniCat owners. Thank you for purchasing MiniCat from us.
To validate your warranty please complete this Owners Registration Form:

    Privacy: MiniCat Worldwide respect your privacy – personal details for ownership and warranty registrations purposes will not be passed on to any third party.

    Confirmation: By submitting this form you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the Warranty Terms & Conditions as set out on this page below.

    Please prove you are human by selecting the star.

    Without submitting this form with all the details, we will not be able to process any future warranty claims.

    Warranty Terms & Conditions:

    MiniCat Worldwide warrant that all products and parts are free from manufacturing defects. Any defected parts will be replaced or repaired within a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. In the event of claim please follow the instructions below.

    Instructions on how to proceed when claiming a warranty:

    Please fill in the Warranty form ( download here) or fill the one received with your MiniCat and email it to us on with the photos of the damaged parts (photos no larger than 5 Mb).
    We will then inform you if your warranty claim was accepted and how to proceed.

    • In the event that the warranty claim is accepted the customer pays the shipping to us and the repair plus shipping back is covered by MiniCat Worldwide.
    • In the event that the repair is not covered by MiniCat Worldwide warranty charges for repair and shipping back may be applicable. We will contact you before carrying out the repairs to inform you and give you an estimate quote for the repair and shipping.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our warranty excludes any damage caused by accidents, negligent usage, unsuitable handling (including transport), general wear and tear or lack of maintenance. There are instructions on how to take care of your MiniCat in the printed assembly manual you received with your MiniCat. Please read and follow the instructions.

    Any modifications made to your MiniCat will render the warranty invalid. The warranty is valid only on boats that remain in the same form as they were designed and produced, modifications using unofficial parts and accessories are not recommended by MiniCat. Safety first – do not use your MiniCat beyond the design limitations or in adverse conditions – MiniCat is a Category D sailboat.

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