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minicat as a tender

At times when you don’t want to sail, MiniCat can also be used as a tender dinghy.

It is so easy. Remove the sails and mast, attach the optional engine support, then fit your outboard, electric or gasoline, and go. We recommend an outboard motor up to 3ps or 2.2 kw, preferably a ‘long-shaft.’

There are not many sailing boats that can give you such fun and satisfaction yet they require minimum boat storage. One of the biggest advantages of MiniCat is that this sailing boat can be packed away and stored without almost any requirements on storage.

The engine support is from marine-ply with fixings to attach on the frame adjacent to the rudder mounting. It is available for all models. It is possible to use both engine support and rudder simultaneously.

This option is very popular with yacht owners who keep their MiniCat aboard their cruising yacht for fun at anchor. It also gives the option to use the MiniCat as a proper beach tender when anchored in the bay.



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