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Great Lakes Watercraft

An Introduction

Great Lakes Watercraft LLC is a family run business out of Michigan in the U.S. that was born in April of 2020 during the pandemic. We began our relationship with MiniCat in May of 2020 with exclusive rights to sell these exquisite inflatable catamaran sailboats in Michigan. In 2021, Great Lakes Watercraft Canada Ltd. was formed in Windsor, Ontario and our relationship with MiniCat was expanded to include Eastern Canada.

The Great Lakes Watercraft Story

My name is Bill and my two sons, Max and Mason, and I have always loved being out on the water. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in Baltimore, MD, and when I was 15 my family purchased a Hobie 16. I spent countless hours on that boat learning how to harness the wind and my passion for being out on the water grew. When I was in my early 30’s, I brought my family to Michigan to pursue a career opportunity; this is where the boys were raised. Our life included a lot of wonderful outdoor adventures and included a lot of time out on the beautiful Michigan Lakes. Unfortunately, sailing was not part of the curriculum. We lived by the lake but not on the lake so owning a sailboat was out of the question because we would have either needed to rent dock space at the local marina or purchased a specially designed trailer and a truck capable of towing the boat. Both of these scenarios required space and funds that were just out of reach.

The Joy of Inflatable Catamaran Sailboats

When I first learned about the MiniCat product line and went out on Lake Michigan with my son on the Laura Decker MiniCat 420 catamaran, I knew that this boat was special. Not only did it provide an experience superior to the Hobie 16 that I grew up with, but it solved the storage and portability issue as well. These portable catamarans are awesome! If you are in the US or Canada and you would like to learn more about the MiniCat inflatable catamaran product line, feel free to visit our  Great Lakes Watercraft US website or  Great Lakes Watercraft Canada website. Happy sailing!

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