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sailing catamaran

Want to take your own small sailing catamaran on holidays? Want to have some fun sailing at the weekend, but don’t have space for your own boat?

It’s so simple – from being stored in your cupboard, just load it in the car. One, two or three bags – depending on the model, weighing from just 24 kg – it is MiniCat, the unique portable boat.

This is a small and light, but a full-bodied boat – a sailing catamaran with inflatable floats.

With excellent sailing characteristics and simple control, MiniCat catamaran is the best small sailboat for beginners, but the larger models also appeal to older experienced sailors. Despite MiniCat’s ultra-light weight and simplicity, major emphasis has been given to the quality and strength of the materials used during production.

  • Sailing catamaran with inflatable floats
  • Original ultra-lightweight design
  • No storage problems
  • No licence or permission needed
  • Easy to launch, no trailer needed
  • Usable with an engine as a tender boat
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