Minicat Story


laura dekker

Laura Dekker, the world famous Dutch/New Zealand sailor who at 16 became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world and made headlines worldwide has long been a big fan of MiniCat, the small lightweight inflatable sailboat and since 2010 has also been a proud ambassador of our wonderful catamaran.

Laura first came across MiniCat whilst stopping over in Panama during her epic voyage in 2009 when she watched a small inflatable sailboat MiniCat 310 being sailed and tried it herself. She enjoyed it and soon became the proud owner of MiniCat which she kept stowed on her yacht ‘Guppy’ for fun sailing whenever at anchor.

She has since collaborated with MiniCat to design her own version of the best-selling MiniCat 420 model and together we designed 420 Laura Dekker Ltd. Edition.

MiniCat 420 Laura Dekker is an exciting high-tech Limited Edition inflatable sailing catamaran which design is based on our most popular sailboat MiniCat 420 Evoque with usage of carbon fiber items, matt finish of the frame, double coloured mast, fantastic eye catching design of sail & jib and newly designed trampoline with an embroidery of Laura Dekker logo.

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minicat catamaran logo
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minicat catamaran logo
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minicat catamaran logo
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minicat catamaran logo

MiniCat 420 Laura Dekker will appeal to those customers who like to stand out of the crowd, for those who were waiting for a great high performance inflatable sailboat with colourful funky design of the sail.

With this boat you will definitely be seen wherever you are sailing!

"Yesterday, I saw someone assembling a MiniCat. A really small, inflatable catamaran. My sister and I went over and we asked if we could have a sail with it. Well, we did and are just back. It was very funny. It sails extremely well if you keep in mind that it is an inflatable sailboat……..Kim and I also went sailing with the MiniCat again. The wind blew pretty strong and we sailed really super-super-fast. Even Kim started to like it! Normally she does not like sailing too much."

... and few weeks later ...

"Not long ago, I wrote that I sailed with an inflatable catamaran MiniCat with my sister. Due to some coincidences, I will be the owner of my very own MiniCat soon, and then I will enjoy speeding around even when lying at anchor. I will do a little bit of advertising: It sails really well and it is very fast. It is easy to assemble and the boat is very well thought out so you do not need much storage space if you are not living near to the sea. It can be carried along in one big bag. Usually advertisements are very much exaggerated but this one really says it like it is. I have seen and sailed numerous inflatable catamarans and this one really stands above them all."

"Since the first time I saw a MiniCat being sailed I was so impressed at how so much fun could be had from an inflatable sailboat that you could carry in a bag. I was very excited to collaborate on the design of the new MiniCat and for it to have my name. I am sure that the owners of this great little boat will have as much fun as I do sailing it..."

LAURA DEKKER, the youngest person who sailed single-handedly around the world