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Great new accessories for 2020

We are constantly trying to improve our brand and bring you upgrades and new accessories. New for 2020 we are launching two great additions to our accessory list and we have no doubt these will prove very popular.

Firstly it is the MAST-TOP FLOAT which gives confidence to those sailors concerned about capsizing (‘turning turtle’) their MiniCat and being unable to re-right their boat.

This clever inflatable device ensures your mast doesn’t end upside down at 180° into the water but rather remains floating on the surface. This device is definitely worth having if you are sailing on your own, giving you added confidence.

The Mast-Top Float is available for all 310, 420 and 460 models of all ages either upon purchase or as a retro-fit to older model MiniCats.

Retail price is 267,00 EURO including VAT

Our second great addition we are especially excited about is the MINICAT WHEELIE BAG.

This is something that has been suggested by many MiniCat owners and will make the transport of your MiniCat even easier. The Wheelie Bag is the same design as the classic MiniCat bag but has two wheels added to one end to make it much easier to move the bag without lifting fully.

The Wheelie Bag is available for all MiniCat models: GUPPY and all 310, 420 and 460 models (the large bags). Available to buy as an accessory or to purchase with your new MiniCat directly packed in these bags by paying the difference for the upgrade.

Retail price is 196,00 EURO including VAT