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6th MiniCat Fun Weekend is over

It was great, it was fun but it is over. However don’t be sad - we are already planning the next one!!!

6th MiniCat Fun Weekend took place on the weekend 28th - 30th June 2019 at the popular lake Como in Italy.

More than 120 MiniCat customers, dealers, distributors, fans and enthusiast with around 57 Minicats met at the wonderful Camp Gardenia in Domaso to spend together a wonderful 3 days filled with sun, water, plenty of wind hence a huge amount of sailing and of course a lot of socialising.

We were honoured that this year we could introduce our new wonderful ambassador, the famous author William Thomson who also gave his presentation called “Seas and Power” at the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening.

We were very lucky with the weather and so all planned activities took place as planned and we had a great MiniCat Fun Regatta on Saturday and MiniCat Treasure Hunt on Sunday.

For the Regatta this year we have had the record number or participating MiniCats – 53 all together at one point on the lake Como. It was magnificent to watch and to cheer the winners who came in this order:

  • 1st place – Frank Ernst – the Netherlands
  • 2nd place – Oliver Kaiser – Germany
  • 3rd place – Severin Fenner – Switzerland

The Sunday’s Treasure Hunk organized by MiniCat Switzerland & Australia was a huge success with aver 35 participating boats.

During the weekend we managed to take a huge amount of video and photo footage which will be published on our website during next few days.

If you haven’t yet come to one of our meetings please look through the photos and you will realise you would not want to miss it next year.

We will publish the dates and details for next year’s MiniCat Fun Weekend here soon.

For the moment, thanks to all our participants and have a great summer sailing MiniCats!!!!

MiniCat Team

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