• fast & furious

    460 Esprit is a new category of MiniCat, the largest and fastest yet. It is designed for more experienced sailors and yachtsmen and gives a new experience in sailing an inflatable catamaran especially when used with the Gennaker.

  • The construction of the 460 Esprit is similar to the 420 models but all the main parts of the boat are larger and more robust.
  • The floats are longer and wider, the mast is thicker to make the boat stand against stronger wind and the larger sail and jib makes is to go much faster. 
  • 460 Esprit is a serious boat that will blow you away – literally!!!


MiniCat Safari – Thailand 2015 with MiniCat Russia

Our wonderful crazy friends at MiniCat Russia have decided to escape the Russian winter and have taken themselves to the beautiful coats of Thailand and are organising a MiniCat Safari.
Sailing 200kms through some of the most beautiful scenic coast in Asia, this is a real winter adventure. With all MiniCat models currently en route to Thailand including the new MiniCat 460 Esprit equipped with Gennaker; Egor, Alexei and friends are ready to welcome you to join them. Please see here for full details >>>>


  • Our 1st International Minicat Meeting in Italy, Lake Garda is finished and by all means it was a huge success >>>>>>>
  • Watch the official video from the event here


  • model 310 is designed for 2 people

    It is small and light, but a full-bodied, fun sailing boat. Fully portable, it fits in a single bag (1,350 x 300 x 400 mm), so you do not need a trailer complicating your journey. Simply load the bag and go. Offered in 3 models STANDARD, SUPER and SPORT and 5 different colours with plenty of accessories to choose from.

  • model 420 is designed for 4 people

    With excellent sailing characteristics and simple control, MiniCat 420 appeals not only to young budding yachtsmen, but also to older experienced sailors.This is a seriously good sailing boat that fits in two bags (1,850 x 350 x 300 mm). Offered in 2 models EASY and INSTINCT and 4 different colours it can even be used with an engine as a motor boat. See our Spare Parts & Accessories catalgoue and also the photos in our Gallery.

ultra lightweight catamaran



- Model 310 fits in one bag weighing just 37 kg

- Model 420 fits in two bags weighing each 23 kg

- Both models fit in a car (great for holidays and trips)

- Assembled single-handedly in 30 mins-no tools required

- No more boat storage problems, just have fun sailing

- 24 month full product warranty

- Spare parts & great accessories available